My services include:


If you need help with writing or would like to commission a text, I’ll find the right words.


How do you say … ? A second (or third) pair of eyes can help find the one word that strengthens an argument or crystallizes an idea. In short: that makes a text easier to understand. This search for words requires consideration of context, target audience, and publication medium and format. With my feel for linguistic nuance and conceptual precision, I will help you finalize your manuscript.

Depending on your needs, this may include:

Line editing

  • Ich überprüfe einen Text auf allgemeine Verständlichkeit, überarbeite ihn mit Fokus auf den Lesefluss und strukturiere ihn zu diesem Zweck eventuell um. Textinhalt, fach- und diskursspezifische Formulierungen bleiben dabei bestehen. (Angebot auf Deutsch und Englisch)


  • Before the typesetting stage, I will check a text for correct grammar, spelling, and standardizations of, for example, specific phrases and references. I offer this service in German.

Proof reading

  • I will check proofs (PDF layouts) for last typos and other small mistakes, consistency in formatting, correct line and page breaks, and, for example, complete lists of names and credits. I offer this service in both German and English.

Translation editing

  • I will compare a German-language translation with the English, French, or Spanish original to finalize the German text.


Finding words that feel right is at the core of translating different genres of writing. Whether a translation stays close to the original or whether it develops its own tonality depends on the character of each text. With my sense for structure, rhythm, linguistic specificities, and authors’ individual styles, I will transfer your ideas into a sound German-language version.

I translate texts from English and French into German.